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Capers from Salina

From Salina, in Sicily, a compact caper cured in salt (preservation up to 2-3 years). The “cultivar” should have a double round of leaves, making them more fleshy and tastier. Earthy flavor.

Dried cherry tomatoes

Fleshy cherry tomatoes cut in half. This product should be blanched in hot water before use. Perfect to enrich with flavour broths and bases. Also ideal for preparing seasonings.

Taggiasca olives 

From the best olive tree groves of the Liguria region, the drupes are carefully selected drupes and treated. Firstly, they are put in brine, then they are drained, pitted and preserved in extra virgin olive oil.

Lentils from Castelluccio 

Legumes rich in nutrients. From the Sibillini Mountain Park, where thanks to the extremely cold weather, no kind of preservation treatment is needed. Thanks to the very thin skin, these lentils can be cooked without pre-soaking.

Vegetables in oil from Salento

Cultivated in open fields, between the earth and the sea in Salento, Puglia region. Picked by hand and dried in the sun, the maintain their original proprieties and nutrients, vitamins and perfumes of the South of Italy.

Zucchini flowers in batter

A selection of vegetables in batter or plain from the culinary tradition of Puglia. Spirito Contadino leaves the fruits to ripe naturally in the sun light and prepares by hand the vegetables in the wheat batter.