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Fine white truffle (Tuber magnatum pico): 

From the Earth’s core comes one of the finest products of Italian cuisine. Supported by 38 truffle farmers on the Italian territory, Mgm ensures the best quality and regular availability of this product.

Summer black truffle in brine:

Also known as burgundy truffle, the black summer truffle is cleaned, boiled and preserved in its own cooking water. Conservation in brine allows the truffle to retain the quality of the fresh product through time.

Fine black truffle (Tuber melanosporum vitt):

Fine black truffle, or Black truffle from Norcia, is available from December to March. This truffle releases an earthy and powerful aroma, it has a round shape and its gleba is black with white streaks.

89% White truffle paste:

A small tube filled to the brim of the finest white truffle, available all year long. A handcrafted concentrate of white truffle, made exclusively with raw materials selected by Mgm Alimentari.

Truffle honey:

Exquisite acacia honey, mixed with the unique flavour of whitish truflle (Tuber Borchii Vitt.) selected by Mgm Alimentari. An excellent combination with aged and semi-aged cheese.

White truffle oil:

Seasoning of extra virgin olive oil with white truffle aroma. Use the truffle oil preferably uncooked, in order to maintain the white truffle aroma unaltered. Consistent taste.