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Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena GPI:

The Tondo aged Balsamic Vinegar has a clear dark colour due to its long maturation in cask (3 years minimum). Penetrating smell with a pleasant sour taste. Additive free, raw materials made in Italy only.

Flavoured vinegar with raspberries or fruit: 

Created after long research, a slight raspberry flavour, sweetened with a delicate artisanal syrup. Ideal for deglazing a pan to make a sauce. Also available with passion fruit flavour.

Extravirgin olive oil La Ziraia – Frantoio Mancianti:

The olives are picked by hand and treated “a ciclo continuo”, which means a cold extraction of the oil. Middle- high fluidity. It appears to be slightly opaque due to natural sedimentation. Fruity almond scent.

Low salt soy sauce – Morita:

The natural fermentation for 12 months enriches the sauce with a stronger flavour. Low Salt Soy Sauce has a 50% reduction of salt content compared to its traditional version. Made in Japan.

Dried green peppercorns:

The fruits are picked unripe, cleaned, washed and then dried. Not too spicy, fresh taste, grassy and aromatic, excellent to accompany meat dishes. Anti-fermenting and antiseptic proprieties.

Saffron – Mgm Alimentari selection:

Intense and strong aroma, its distinctive colour is bright solid red. Hand picking of the pistils and a slow drying process, make this product one of a kind. Available in threads and powder.