Fish and sea food - MGM Alimentari
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Fish and sea food

Cantabrian Sea Anchovies – Don Bocarte:

Anchovy fillets with low salt concentration, artisanal and cleaned by hand. Thanks to these characteristics, the fillets don’t dry, stay whole and don’t break in pieces. Store at +4 C°.

Frozen Lobster in portions:

Taste and appereance of the freshest lobster, available all year long. Frozen one by one within half an hour from picking. Vacuum-packed for the best freshness and convenience of use.

Frozen desalted cod:

MGM selected cod fish comes from one of the best fishing areas in the world: the Faroe Islands. These cod fish follow a strict desalting process, quality inspection and packaging. Ready for cooking.

Mullet Bottarga:

Salted eggs, compressed and left to dry. This working process has a millenary tradition, passed down generation to generation. Firm to the touch, amber coloured. Fine and delicate taste.

Imperial beluga caviar:

Caviar of Imperial beluga quality from Iran, pearly grey, between 3,5 cm and 4 cm. The eggs have a very thin membrane and burst easily in the mouth. Produced with sturgeon eggs.

Sea urchin roe (frozen):

The sea urchins are collected by hand in area FAO34 and they are characterized by an intense flavour. The roe maintains all of its freshness and it’s bright orange in colour. Filter before use.