Bakery - MGM Alimentari
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These bite-sized little pancakes from France, homeland of crepes, are soft and fragrant. A high quality product, created with the best chefs and pastry artisans. Ready to use, available in small size (8g, 6cm).

Pink Coupelle H – Croc in:

Colourful tart shells ready for filling. Preservative free and only natural colourings. Available in multiple colours, they can be used for both savoury or sweet applications. Cold and hot use.

Mini Quiches

Three mixed mini quiches: 64 leek and bacon, 64 cheese, 64 tomato. Pre-baked, these filled quiches are ready in a snap. Individually packed, they can be served as starters or hors d’oeuvres. Diameter 4,2cm – 192 pieces per pack.

Croissant – Delifrance:

Golden pastries available in many formats and flavours: chocolate and apricot with rich filling, butter to fill with sweet or savoury, whole wheat with poppy seeds and sunflower seeds. Ready to oven-bake.

Carasau Bread – Orgosolo

This product is still made with the same ingredients as tradition requires. Additive free and no artificial flavoring. Slow and lengthy leavening of the dough gives the bread a unique aroma and fragrance.

Handmade Taralli 

Tasty bread rings which remind of the traditional cuisine of the italian region Puglia. Made with fresh and natural ingredients. Available in four different flavours: classic, chili pepper, rosemary and sesame.