Fish and sea food - MGM Alimentari
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Fish and sea food

Cantabrian Sea Anchovies – Don Bocarte:

Anchovy fillets with low salt concentration, artisanal and cleaned by hand. Thanks to these characteristics, the fillets don’t dry, stay whole and don’t break in pieces. Store at +4 C°.

Frozen Lobster in portions:

Taste and appereance of the freshest lobster, available all year long. Frozen one by one within half an hour from picking. Vacuum-packed for the best freshness and covenience.

Frozen desalted cod:

From one of the best fishing spots of the world: the Faroe Islands. The cod fish follows a strict desalting process, quality inspection and packaging. Ready to cook.

Mullet Bottarga:

Salted eggs, compressed and left to dry. Millenary working process, handed down from generation to generation. Firm and pressed to the touch, amber colour. A fine and delicate taste which makes the difference.

Imperial beluga caviar:

Caviar of Imperial beluga quality from Iran, pearly grey, between 3,5 cm and 4 cm. The eggs have a very thin membrane and burst easily in the mouth. Produced by sturgeon eggs.

Polpa di riccio surgelata:

Pescato con raccolta a piedi in zona FAO34. La polpa conserva la freschezza del riccio appena pescato e si caratterizza per un gusto intenso e un colore arancione brillante. Prodotto da filtrare prima dell’utilizzo.