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Cold cuts

Cooked ham San Marino:

Processing of the meat lasts 31 days (instead of traditional 7 days), which makes this ham highly digestable, also thanks to the presence of free amino acids. Also suitable for those who have allergies.

Spanish Jamon patanegra:

The meat comes exclusively from Spanish pigs, whose special diet produces high levels of oleic acid in the muscles with fat strings. Cured for over 48 months. Strict control in production guarantees a unique product.


From Parma’s culinary tradition, comes our Culatello of 100% Italian meat. Sold rindless and vacummed packed. Its wedged shape is typical and unique. Cured from 12 to 14 months and gluten free.

Varzi Salami DOP:

Our Varzi Salami is produced in a traditional way. Meat comes from pigs born, bred, and slaughtered in Italy, as part of the Varzi P.D.O. production chain. Perfect balance of lean meat and fats, salt and spices.

Speck IGP– special delicacies from Sud Tirolo:

Only highly selected pork thighs are used and traditionally processed. Slight smoking gives this special cold cut a delicate and spicy flavour. Cured in open-air and salt content not higher than 5%.

Cured ham San Daniele DOP:

Produced in the area of San Daniele del Friuli as required by Production Regulation. Obtained with national heavy pork thighs. The minimum time for its curing process is 16 months. Sweet taste and intense fragrance.